Branding is the internal and external experience your customer, vendor, or employee has with your company’s product/service. Boundless Design helps you create a brand that is wholly unique to your company and the themes that it is trying to represent. With a combination of internal and external branding, your company will become synonymous with this brand, and customers will be able to see the design and immediately recognize it in connection with your company.

Internal Branding

Internal Branding is a little trickier than external branding. It is intangible and therefore harder to grasp and nail down. Internal Branding is the way your company fulfills its brand promise. It is the foundation or the backbone of your external branding. Everything flows from your Internal Branding. What is most mysterious about Internal Branding is that it is not your corporate culture. Internal Branding is the promise and values of your company that result in your corporate culture and permeate through your external branding. Internal Branding creates and demonstrates consistent brand experience at all touch points.

External Branding

External Branding is akin to the original definition of branding – it is the external experience a customer, vendor, or employee has with your brand. It can be comprised of – your logo, your collateral, your website, your employee uniforms, storefront, store signage, front lobby, conference room furniture, front desk receptionist, clerk at the cash register, etc. In a less traditional sense, it is also comprised of – how your employees answer the phone, email etiquette, customer service, quality of your product/service, or mission/vision statements.